Monday, September 20

KCWC: Day 1

First item of the week was Rowan's winter gnome hat. I have to admit that I finished all but the button last night, so it only took a couple minutes today. I think it will fit better in a year, but he is a cute little gnome. If only he would sit still for a photo!

And off the sunporch... Rowan's birthday shirt.
The tee-shirt was a charity shop find for 30p. I added the sleeves and length from one of Jim's cast-offs. Its going to be 9 months till we are wearing tee-shirts around here again, so I'm keen to do this to a couple other tee-shirts of the boys - it was really fast as I used the hems and cuffs from the cast off shirt. I was inspired by this tutorial (though I didn't really read it, so I might have done it differently.) I did freezer paper painting on this and two other shirts, but they are gifts for some friend's birthdays so I can't share them just yet, maybe by the end of the week.

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