Tuesday, September 21

KCWC: Day 2

Well, neither of these projects were on the list, but they were fun.

After making the sleeves on Rowan's birthday shirt there was a lot of the shirt left (it is an enormous shirt - thus why it is getting up-cycled.) And a certain baby could use some long underwear for this winter. Not so exciting to photograph, but here you go.

And yesterday, I was putting away my jeans and realizing they don't fit into the alloted space (which is large). I reminded myself that I rotate between three pairs of jeans. So I decided that a favorite (uhm, they were favorites in college - I don't think I've worn them for a couple years) hole-in-the-knee pair needed a new life. And it just so happens that a certain four-year-old is on a snap and button strike, so some elasticized jeans are just what he needs.

Oh, I also finished up some baby gifts. (And that was even on the list!)

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