Saturday, September 18


"Mum, make me a tent please!" is a refrain that I hear every now and again. And I can't resist getting out the sheets and figuring out a new way to make a space below the sunlight streaming through the window. I still remember days spent as a child under sheet tents with books and lots of dolls.
Jonah spends most of his time in tents reading (not surprising if you know my bookworm of a boy.) But this week was the first time Rowan joined him and I heard lots of giggles and took some peeks (and photos), but mostly let them have their own space. They have always enjoyed each other, but in the past few weeks they are beginning the work of becoming friends in a new way. There are some rough times and some aggravation and tears; but, there are also moments like these where they share a space, a hug, a story or a gentle moment. Precious.

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh, this is such a common sight in our home too:)