Wednesday, August 18

Woodland Welcome

I've hosted a couple baby showers in the past couple weeks. I love gathering with the other-mothers in the community (they don't all have children of their own, but care for the community's children in some way) to celebrate and welcome our newest members.

So here are a few photos of Saturday's brunch to welcome a wee babe. I found a large branch of leaves that had fallen on Hallowed hill and everything came together from there. Jonah loved placing some woodland creatures through the greens (though he really thought the new mum would like dinosaurs best.)

These meringue mushrooms were yummy, cute and easy to make.

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EricaG said...

Hi, Emily. I always enjoy my visits with you here in blogland. I just read the "Our Story" section. It is a nice addition. How funny that your story isn't so far removed from my own. Thanks for sharing!