Tuesday, August 17

Right Now

10 things I'm loving...

1. This boy's imagination and his imaginative friends who adventure with him:

2. Audio Books:
My Father's Dragon, Middlemarch, The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz... all free on Librivox.org

3. Goodies from the Kitchen: These Chocolate Cookies, attempts at healthy biscuits, brownies...

4. Celebrating with Friends:

5. Impromptu picnics at the cathedral

6. Growing Tomatoes: (one of the plants is over five feet tall!)

7. Coffee: (Rowan keeps getting new teeth which means mama isn't sleeping well)

8. The new ways this boy is playing with toys!

9. Moments snagged at the sewing machine on a warm sunporch.

10. Jonah's play-dough playscapes (a friend gave this homemade play-dough with glitter in it to Jonah and he always puts it away saying "I'm going to put this play-dough away and keep it from getting dry forever because it is so beautiful!")

So much to be grateful for.

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