Saturday, August 21

Crayon Muffins

We've had an interesting week. Unique nap schedules, projects, hostings and outings have left me tired. Creative moments have come, but I've been starting many things and not finishing much of anything. I just realized that I haven't taken photos all week. So I just snapped this photo of one of our latest projects intended to use up some broken crayons we had laying around.

The tutorial for crayon cookies is here. I used individual silicon mini muffin cups as I didn't have a mini muffin pan and I left them in a bit long so the colors merged more than I had in mind, but Jonah likes them and that is what matters.


Margaret said...

Have you seen the ice cube molds at Morrison's? They have some really cute shaped ones and I have tried to think of a way to use them for these crayons. But, it doesn't say they are oven safe, but I'm tempted to try it anyway.

Watkins said...

I have seen them. That would be fun. You could melt the crayons in something else and then pour them into the tray?