Friday, August 27

Christmas Preparations Begin

Oh my, we are months away from the holidays, but I'm already beginning to collect and brainstorm projects and gather materials for gifts. My knitting needles are full and the stacks cut out by the sewing machine are numerous. I've begun a wee book of ideas and will share some of the lists soon. Jim's List is always the hardest to make and right now Jonah's is the easiest. There are oodles of things I want to make for my boys and nieces and nephew, so decisions will need to be made.

I have a couple projects for Rowan's first birthday in October, Liliana and Rowan's Birthday crowns and some baby gifts to finish, then I'll be on to Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephew's and then will move to my boys' Christmas. Last year we bought each boy one gift and made the rest. I hope everything will be handmade this year with a few charity shop finds over the twelve days of Christmas.

Also, you will notice the Handmade Holiday button on the right of my blog. If you click on it you will find a list organized on Plain and Joyful Living of various blogs that will be writing on handmade holiday preparations - a great way to find ideas and inspiration.

And here is the first thing of my needles...
This yarn is soy and I love the colors (sorry I don't remember the brand.)


alison said...

I have already been thinking of Christmas gifts as well and bought some embroidery floss last week for gifts I plan to make for my nieces and nephews! I look forward to seeing what you will come up with. :)

Elisa said...

Oh, thanks for that link! Can't wait to delve into it.