Wednesday, August 25

Jonah's First Cake

Jonah spotted a pink and white castle cake in Christmas Fairy Cooking (Usborne Activity) and knew right away he wanted to make it and have a specific friend for tea. So we did just that.
I did a lot of the squeezing of the icing, but he directed it making windows and doors and had a great time. Though, I think adding the sprinkles was his favorite part - the roof had a LOT of sprinkles!


EricaG said...

The cake looks fantastic! Well done. By the way, Fletcher started kindergarten yesterday. We are borrowing your word-a-day idea from an earlier post. Only I'm posting the words to a Word Wall in his bedroom. Thanks for a great tip!

Watkins said...

That is a great idea. I love having learning on the walls, it makes the house seem so alive. I do hope kindergarten goes well - so exciting!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Just love that cake and that he is involved with the making - our cakes are usually child-made as well. They always want to frost them themselves - Mom's handiwork will have to wait until they are grown.