Tuesday, December 8

St. Nicholas

Sunday was St. Nicholas Day. This was the first year we've celebrated St. Nick. I'd love to enhance the tradition, but this year was a fun dinner with friends and St. Nicholas bags with chocolate coins (to represent the money St. Nick threw into his friend's window for his daughters dowery - it landed in her stocking that was hanging to dry), an orange to represent how he fed the poor and a gingerbread boy to represent how he passed out gingerbreads to the children of his town in Turkey. It is also recommended that you have a small wooden toy to represent the toys he hired the local wood carver to make for the children - but I started on this project to late to find little wooden toys. I would also love to do something for the poor in future celebrations as his generosity is the reason we celebrate St. Nick. I do love building traditions.

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Beth said...

Emily, I discovered your blog through Jim's and I've really been enjoying it!

My family practiced a Saint Nicholas Day tradition of getting a hamper together (mostly food, and other gift-y things) and anonymously delivering it to a family or individual who was at a financial low (different people every year). It was exciting for us kids, because we had to put it on their doorstep, and then ring the doorbell and run! It was so sneaky and dangerous. The results were sometimes hilarious, as all six of us slipped around on the ice in attempt to return to our getaway car. It was a lot of fun, and Danice and I have kept up the tradition... until this year. We forgot. Maybe we should do it, even though it's late...