Sunday, December 6

Encountering an onion

In seminary we were introduced to the book "The Supper of the Lamb", which is a book about the theology of food. In our class "The Christian Imagination" we were given onions to 'dissect' and to love. It was an amazing experience to notice the beauty of the onion skin, recognize the teardrop shape of the onion's layers and overall appreciate this very ordinary vegetable as an extraordinary creation.

Often as I clean and cook in the kitchen I show Rowan each item I work with and he is at the lovely age where everything is new and magical. His grins are so forthcoming it is very rewarding to share with this little man. Last week I was putting the organic delivery away when I encountered an onion and showed it to my babe. Big brother happened to walk in as I was showing Rowan how the onion had a peel. The three of us spent the next half hour on the floor of the kitchen peeling onions with our hands - making big and little pieces, spirals and piles of peelings. I said to Jonah "Look at the color on the inside of the skin - it is almost iridescent". "It's gorgeous" he replied with such awe! What joy to see him truly encounter an onion!

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