Thursday, December 10

baby loves books

Many people wait to introduce books to babies till they are a couple months old, but with both our boys we've started reading to them as much as we can the day after they are born. Both of them have loved books very early - Rowan already anticipates the next page with excited kicks and grins. He gets so excited when we snuggle up in Jonah's bed before nap time for some stories and he loves being set up with books to look at. He coos to the book - it is so precious.

One of my favorite classes in seminary was "Children, Books and God". The last couple weeks I've been reminding myself of something the professor said to us. I don't remember her exact words, but the gist was this "At the end of the day, one shouldn't judge the day by how tidy the house is, but by how many words, stories and worlds have been introduced and revisited." So lately at the end of the day when I'm picking up all types of books off every surface in every room of the house late at night to re-shelve them, I try to not notice the dust, the dishes and the unvacuumed carpets and remember her words. These boys are getting stories, even if their home isn't always super tidy :o)

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