Saturday, October 3

Waiting well: The Big Brother Gift

Before you read further, remember we won't give him this till we come home with baby, so don't ask Jonah about it if you are talking to him pre-baby.

As I've been preparing for my new little baby, I've also been preparing Jonah's baby. When I was growing up Laura had a golden book called "Baby Dear". It has been republished under the name "The New Baby". We've been reading it to Jonah over the past month. The story is about a little girl who's Daddy gives her 'Baby Dear' when mommy comes home from the hospital with her baby. The both have beds for their babies, prams, books to write about their baby... The book is very dated as the Daddy is never seen caring for the baby, but it is sweet and Jonah will soon find out that in our home Daddy is very involved in baby care.

To be honest, I'm not convinced that Jonah will be all that into it, but as he will see both Mum and Dad caring for the baby I figure it is best that he can give everything a try if he wants. I love the idea of encouraging his nurturing side. So in between sewing this and that for my baby, Jonah's doll (which was originally dressed in pink) has acquired an outfit, knitted hat, cloth diapers, cover, diaper bag, flannel wipes, a sling and a moses basket (which was given to me broken, so I fixed it and relined it with a nicer fabric). We bought the little wooden bottle in Paris.

After taking the above photo I realized that something was missing (aside from spare clothes... maybe we'll get there) - a blanket! So I used a sheet I just bought at a charity shop (to make the sling and line the diaper bag for my baby) and some soft flannel mom just sent to make a doll sized blanket.

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