Saturday, October 3

Lesson Learned: Don't hang laundry in Gale force winds

Yes, our whirly gig is irreparably bent. It seemed like such a good idea on a sunny and windy day to catch up on laundry.

It is time I write something or you will all think we've had a baby. Alas, that is not yet the case! My body feels loose enough that he could drop out and contractions have come and gone since Wednesday night, but there is no news yet.

It is probably best he didn't come today as the bridge to Dundee was closed on and off all day because of gale force winds (80+ mph). For those of you who aren't local, the closest hospital that will deliver babies is in Dundee, which is a 30 minute drive if the bridge is open. With the bridge closed we hear it can take about an hour and a half, so if we know before we leave we would probably just head South to the town of Kircaldy which is a 45 min drive (I think) and have the baby there.


Margaret said...

I did laundry today too, thinking it seemed like a great idea and that our clothes might get fully dry. I noticed later that very few neighbors had the same idea as we did. I guess we know why now. Sorry that happened! Hoping he arrives soon!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

We replaced our umbrella type clothesline with a couple clothes drying racks. I now have much more control over where I dry my laundry at. I can even move them inside on those gale forced days.