Sunday, October 4

Waiting: Fall Planting

I don't think I can really say I'm 'waiting well' at this point - just waiting. We are trying to keep busy, but my body isn't up for much but sitting, knitting and being online (thus, the plethora of blog posts).

Putting something in the earth that will grow in the spring feels like an investment in this place and makes it feel a little more like home. Jonah and I went to the flower shop to buy seeds to grow on our sun porch this winter (we ended up with lettuce and spring onions). While we were there I couldn't help but notice the crocus and daffodil bulbs, so we bought a few (I think I'll try to get some more, but I decided that small projects are what I need at the moment and we have till November to plant bulbs).
Yesterday, amidst the gale force winds we planted 20 little crocus bulbs and four big daffodil bulbs in the front garden strip. Jonah is fascinated that they hibernate under the earth like bears and then pop up in the spring (here's hoping they actually come up!)

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