Sunday, October 4

Waiting: with fabric paint, freezer paper and a new wooden stamp

I was given several bags of baby clothes by a friend. Amongst them was a stack of white onesies. Some of the onesies had a small brand name off to the right, so I knew right away I had to cover that up...
The boat and the helicopter (by Jonah) are covering up the logo.
Freezer paper painting is so fun. You simply draw your design, exacto it out, iron the freezer paper onto the shirt, paint it in, wait for it to dry and pull it off. Iron, wash and you have a new shirt!
Gammy and Papa sent the boys matching soft brown pants. They were so cute and the little tag has a boat on it, so I used some freezer paper and put the design on matching shirts for the little guys too.
A friend brought me this great wooden stamp for my Birthday and I knew strait away that it needed used on my stack of white onsies.

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finjen said...

You are one of the awesomest moms I know! WOW! Let me know how well the prints hold up through washings -- I may have to copy you! :)