Tuesday, October 27

Pumpkin Soup - the best you ever tasted...

... made by the cat, the duck and the squirrel.

Or in this case, definitely not the best you ever tasted (UK pumpkins just aren't good for cooking - or we at least needed a lot more spices) and made by Jonah and Mama on a Saturday morning.

We love Helen Cooper's book Pumpkin Soup all year round, but it is especially fun this time of year. So when we bought pumpkins to decorate last week, Jonah was very excited to make pumpkin soup. We didn't as the jack-o-lantern pumpkins we bought would make terrible soup, but last week the organic delivery brought us a pumpkin and so we had a cooking session Saturday.

And that was followed by hanging out in Jonah's "campery" in the living room where Daddy and Jonah played video games on the Boppy (have to love a three year olds imagination).
And Rowan just hung out through all of this - sporting another mommy made top and being oh, so cute and huggable.

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