Friday, October 30

Big Brother - Little Brother

We've been asked several times if Rowan looks like Jonah did as a baby. No one has said that he looks like mom or dad, but he certainly is compared to Jonah a lot. They certainly have some simular features, but for the sake of comparison...

Big Brother (7 weeks old, but pretty close to the same weight as Rowan at 3 1/2 weeks)
Little Brother

I suppose this isn't the best comparison as Rowan is three weeks younger in this photo and that means quite a bit at this age, but I'm afraid he won't fit in this outfit in three weeks and will at least be quite a bit chubbier than our skinny baby Jonah. I'm so grateful that this time around we were aware of feeding issues and Rowan (who started 1/2 a lb heavier) hasn't lost the weight that Jonah did after his birth.

And for good measure a few more of Rowan...

Well, Rowan may not have the cool mohawk that Jonah did (at least not yet), but he does have funky little sideburns.

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