Friday, October 30


The adjustment to having a newborn has hit us all hard. At times, Jonah's behavior is certainly reflecting the stress of the change. But, overall he is doing well and we are grateful that he adores Rowan and has been so loving to Rowan. He is always asking to watch Rowan and tells me to go away (such an oldest child). If I'm not feeling to tired I think I'm beginning to get the hang of the two child thing (if I am feeling to tired I'm just generally overwhelmed). The key seems to be leaving house work and other projects till after daddy gets home (or forgetting them all together) and just be with my boys. This is hard as creative projects are so important in my days, but I'm hoping they'll come creeping back in as we gain more rhythm.
I'm not sure if Jonah really became twice as heavy in my last trimester, when I wasn't lifting him or if it is just in comparison to Rowan that he seems SOOO heavy now. Either way, he has certainly gained a couple inches over the summer and is such a 'big boy' (which he constantly reminds us).
Jonah just got this tractor sweatshirt in the mail from his grandparents and he LOVES it. He is quite enamored with the arm patches particularly.

Some day when I have more time I think I may compile a book of 100 things to do with sidewalk chalk. Since having our new driveway we've spent hours playing number, letter and shape games; drawing roads, shops, police stations and signs; measuring out animals and drawing them life sized; playing hopscotch... and here we were having a sidewalk chalk picnic.
Our little picnic reminded me of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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Luke, Holly, and Isaiah said...

Be gracious with yourself! I found the adjustment to 2 to be like a new job, which is surprising when you have been doing the mom thing for years. It looks like you're settling in, though. You are really creative in your parenting, even if you don't have time to get to your specific projects. Keep the pics coming. I love seeing the new St A babies :)