Saturday, October 24


I imagined that having a fall baby would be tough as the days are getting shorter and colder and generally more miserable outside. But, I've actually found it very natural as we would be moving indoors and slowing down anyway as the weather turns. So far he hasn't had any problem with days and nights (which I'm told some babies here do as they start their long sleep at 4:30 when it gets dark). We are feeling quite spoiled by a baby who goes to sleep at night when you lay him in his Moses basket after a feed. All the hours Jim spent pacing with Jonah... we'll see if Rowan keeps this up.
How many things can you do while nursing a baby? Knit, embroider, read fall stories, listen to music, enjoy fall flowers, pumpkins and foliage...
This years gratitude tree and the nature table...
I've enjoyed making the gratitude tree and hanging some fall artwork this week. The black and white prints were sent by Laura last year and the rest are Jonah and my creations from the last few weeks. The nature table is always my favorite in Autumn. There are so many things to collect - seed pods, leaves, acorns, berries and cones.

The leaves on the gratitude tree are made of two layers of felt and a button. I stitched them while feeding Rowan this week. The way they are made they are little pockets. We will write something we are grateful for every day at dinner through November and empty all the pockets on Thanksgiving and read through them. This is year two of having a gratitude tree (here is last years).

Jonah, Jim and I have been really enjoying the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy lately. He is one of our favorite artists and Jim just finished a chapter for his dissertation where he focuses on the Goldsworthy's creativity.


Luke, Holly, and Isaiah said...

Wow, Emily, you're doing great! I wasn't expecting so many new posts. I love doing a thankful tree. Ours is less permanent (just construction paper), but I really like your little pocket idea. I know you're enjoying the Lade Braes fall leaves. It is the best area of all St Andrews - especially this time of the year! Enjoy your cuties. Love to all.

Matthew said...

Emily! I entered the blogging world a couple months ago when we left Vancouver and I just remembered about yours so I thought I'd check it out. This is a beautiful and inspiring post. I love the Grateful Tree. It's so great to be able to keep up on your family. I'm going to put your link on my blog if that's okay. That way I'll check it more often. :)
(mine is