Wednesday, September 30

A Good Day

My 27th birthday was a low key day. A midwife appointment in the morning while Jonah went to the aquarium for his weekly adventure outing. When I got home there was time to sew some before he arrived home. Jim met us at ballet class in town (with roses - the nice boy!) and we all walked home together for a quiet evening with cake and an after-Jonah's-bedtime movie.

My cake was a 'Harvest cake', which is what I have had for the past three birthdays. It isn't supposed to look marbleized, but the cream cheese I bought was so soft that the filling (cream cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon) slid out from the middle of the cake and I flopped it up on top with the chocolate topping and fruit. It was still yummy, thought a bit messy.
Flowers from a friend amidst the beautiful clutter of a creative day.


Sarah said...

Dear Emily,

Happy birthday! It always reminds me of your knight in his armor :) What is his name again? I prayed for you this morning that you will have all of the grace you need to sustain you through pre-labor and delivery. You'll be on my heart a lot until this baby arrives safely!


Lynn said...

Happiest Birthday to you Emily! I remembered it was your birthday, in Sept, but wasn't sure of the date. Growing up, I had a beach town with a kitten playing in fall leaves and for some reason, it always reminded me of your fall birthday. Odd - but special :o)
How special that you will share such a close date with your little one. Annabeth and Paul are just two days apart and despite my anxiety of her not having her "own" day, it has been SO much fun celebrating together! Bigger cake that way :o)
Blessings to you and your family!! I continue to pray for peace to fill and overflow you.