Wednesday, September 30

Ordinary - Extraordinary: Waiting Well part 1

Prelabor is strong. Contractions, cramps, anxiety attacks, fatigue, tears... So, I've been working to find the extraordinary in our everyday living. These are the things that keep me going...

Yes, veggies. More specifically the organic delivery each Tuesday. I love that every week a bag shows up with dirt caked carrots and potatoes, milk, fresh eggs, and an array of interesting vegetables that will dictate what I'll cook that week and what we'll eat.

Romanesca Cauliflower showed up this week. I've never seen it before and I think it will find its way into veggi curry or veggie burritos (or maybe both).
We pay more for these sweet carrots than we would at the store, but I always remind myself of story a seminary friend once told us. She went to the store and was looking at eggs. She picked up the organic free-range eggs and then set them back down thinking "I can't afford these". But then she asked herself two questions. "Do I really believe that it is my job as a Christian to care for creation that God has entrusted to us and do I really believe that large scale, chemical dependent farming isn't sustainable?" If the answer to both of these is yes and I can't afford the organic eggs - then I can't afford eggs and will have to live without them.

We don't buy everything organic or local (limes and peanut butter - could I really give them up?), but we try to do as much as we can and in Fife it isn't very difficult to eat locally most of the time.

Jonah particularly struggles that we don't eat bananas very often and his friends do. He woke up crying the other night from a dream where a friend wouldn't share a banana with him. While I wanted to run out and buy bananas for him, I stopped and in the morning we talked again about why we eat things that grow near us so we aren't using up the world's resources. We read "Wonderful Earth" by Butterworth and Inkpen together and I think he was satisfied. And he loves rummaging through the organic delivery bag each week - holding cabbages as big as his head and discovering little bags of beets and leeks. What we gain is greater than what we give up.

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