Thursday, October 1

Ordinary - Extraordinary: Waiting Well part 2

Last night I was convinced I was going into labor after an hour of sporadic low contractions, but alas, they ended as quickly as the began and I went to bed early. I was glad I wouldn't miss the first Bible study today and that the baby would be an October baby, but sad that he wasn't coming yet.

In my search for the things that help me wait I would be remiss if I didn't give an ode to fabric. Sewing is so cathartic for me and it is the playful part of my days. I arrange and rearrange fabric, plan and re-plan projects, purpose and repurpose fabrics. And eventually, I even sit down and sew.
I made some coasters for the new house using the pattern from Weekend Sewing and my favorite red bird fabric last month. But, I just used some of this new fabric from Paris to make a couple larger sized ones for sitting bowls and warm items on at dinner. Though as you can see I've been using it as a coaster for my daily hot chocolate the past week. It is barely cold enough (we still haven't turned the heat on in the house), but some how a cup of milk based hot cocoa with three marshmallows pulled in half to make six mini marshmallows is just the perfect thing for my afternoon rest.
I already posted this top, but I just finished up the pants. Lined with flannel and trimmed with the same yellow tape they are a bit of a derivation from the original pattern in Amy Butler's Stitches for Little Ones. I can't wait to put baby in this outfit!
A couple pot holders with fun fabrics - these were truly playful to put together. One for a friend and one for her little ones' kitchen.


praying for maren said...

Wow. You are so talented. I can't wait to see your little guy soon. I'll be praying for you.

The Egan Family said...

Hi, Emily and Jim! I just found your blog through the Bawulskis links, and have enjoyed the photos of your latest creative endeavors! I can't sew more than a button, so I think I will live vicariously through you. Good rest as you wait for baby! (Perhaps he and Cameron will share a birthday on Saturday!) - Kristin