Saturday, August 1


In the last two weeks I've been overwhelmed with gratitude.  Often as I walked the half-hour walk into town I would marvel at how the house we now have has the perfect spaces for our growing family.

When we began to look at properties I knew there were several things that I would love to have in a home... a third bedroom to be turned into learning and craft space,  enough room in that space that my sewing machine could stay set up, a garden to play in and somewhere for Jonah to run and ride his bike, room to entertain and host groups, and a walk no longer than the one we had to get into town.  I thought I was totally dreaming...

So, I let go of the last request (we now have a half hour walk instead of a 15-20 minute walk to town), but all the others worked out better than I could have imagined and there are a few other perks I didn't even request (like a king sized bed for our co-sleeping growing family).  

Here's a wee tour...
So, here's my favorite room.  It is the entry way and over looks the gated front garden that has a long and very trike friendly driveway.  It is my little sewing studio, complete with a fabric cupboard (to the right of the washer), a counter for ironing and a little desk for Jonah to sit and work on workbooks when I want to sew and the weather isn't nice enough for us to bike.  I plan on painting the sewing desk and the little desk that was given to Jonah - so hopefully you'll see pictures of that soon.
This is the boys room.  Right now it is mostly Jonah's, but there is room for the furniture currentlyl in the nook in the closet, so the crib will fit nicely in that nook in a couple months.

I had a wonderful time sorting baby clothes and stacking cloth diapers (I'm so glad to be going back to cloth!!!) in to one side of the closet.

Okay, so the house isn't perfect.  Any suggestions as to what color to add to the two bathrooms that both have this limey yellow ceramic ware and tile?  And who puts carpet in a bathroom?  Certainly not someone with a bath-splashing toddler.

This is the hall out of the kitchen and the back sun porch.  I'm on a hunt for a rocker for this porch.  I'm envisioning nursing the baby there through the dark winter and being closer to the outside.

This is the living room.  Plenty of built in shelving all around and lots of room to have guests visit.  I've been having fun displaying Jonah's books and toys in new ways for him on the shelves.
The dining room

There of course our bedroom and a kitchen as well, but when I was taking these photos our bedroom was in 'packing for paris' mode and not picture worthy and somehow the stack of dishes on the kitchen counter weren't encouraging a photo there either... I'm sure you'll see these rooms in future posts though.

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