Friday, July 31

Projects from my new sewing studio...

The first project in my new space was making beanbags for favors for Jonah's party - simple  fun and satisfying.
And then Jonah had a birthday party to attend today, so yesterday morning he biked out front and I watched him while piecing together a bag and personalizing a little moleskin book.  The best thing about having a space for sewing is that it doesn't need cleaned up so we can eat and I'm steps away from the living room and can see everything in the front garden, so Jonah can play and I can sew - even if in five minute increments.
I actually made this banner and Jonah's birthday crown- inspired by soulemama - in my pre-trip sewing frenzy in May.  The banner was really fun and I pretty much used every print I have on it.  I'm on a mission to find a fabric store in Paris as my stash is very low and now that I have space I've been sewing most days - a hem here and a drawstring bag there.  

Speaking of sewing, Jim just brought me pants to hem so he can pack them for Paris and as we leave early tomorrow morning I should probably finish packing and leave the rest of the blogging for another day.

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