Friday, July 31

Jonah's 3rd Birthday Party

So, it was pretty late (a month and a half after his actual birthday), but he wanted a birthday party and I love putting on children's parties, so we figured better late than never.

We played a lot of games at Jonah's party, but as we were keeping seven 2 1/2- 3 year olds involved we didn't manage to get any pictures. But we did wear them out enough that they sat nicely for a pooh bear tea made of all the things Pooh's friends like to eat.

A whole carrot - Rabbit
Honey and PB sandwich - Pooh
Apples and Dip - Kanga and Roo (they eat normal foods)
shortbread haycorns (these are dipped in chocolate and nuts so they look like acorns) - Piglet
And to finish off - Honey cake!
He is blowing out imaginary flames (though I don't think he realized that). After several attempts of lighting the candles in Scottish bluster we just told him to blow and he obliged.

Oh did I had fun making this cake! I enjoyed modeling the fondant into Pooh, bees and a honey pot. I've covered cakes in fondant, but never sculpted with it - it was suprisingly easy and meant less decorating bags and tips to clean at the end - which is always a good thing.

Instead of having the children bring gifts we did a used book exchange. They drew a name out of a honey pot and gave the book they brought to that person. It worked pretty well and everyone had new reading material - always a good thing!
And after the games and tea they were off to read their new books and play with Jonah's toys, which is what they all really wanted to do anyway. There was a lot of exploring of the new house as most of them hadn't been there before and a costume spot and school room with chalk board and games were quite enjoyed.

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