Monday, August 3

Learning Space

We are loving our little school room.  Games and puzzles line the shelves and I've been rotating the book display already.  Currently the books are all art books as we had an art day with Jonah's little nursery the other day.  
Jonah often wonders in himself and explores a game or puzzle.  We've done a couple Montessori games, Jonah's first traffic club book (Scottish government program - when children turn three they get a series of traffic safety workbooks in the mail), and he devoured the new workbooks auntie Laura and uncle Brian sent him for his Birthday (he's already done them several times each).
Craft shelves - space to organize all our crafty supplies.  (notice the pin-the-tail on Eeyore hanging on the wall - Jim painted it for Jonah's birthday party and it was so cute I couldn't bear to throw it out.)  

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