Tuesday, August 18


The town of Chartres was lovely.  It is a medieval town with narrow streets and upscale shopping and bakeries.  We really enjoyed having a picnic in a town square and we found a book store - much to Jonah's delight.  He was so excited to see the store we read every English children's book they had (there were only 6) and then Jonah said - "I'll just look at the french books - you don't even have to read them!"  I think our book worm, who only has 8 books here would have spent the whole day there if we had let him.

But Daddy went to explore while we read books and this is what he found...

It didn't take long for Jonah to convince us to let him ditch his clothes and go running in the fountain.  I must say I've never seen anything like this before and it seemed doubly peculiar in the middle of this medieval town.
We finished off the Chartres adventure with ice cream cones and some running through (or rest beside) the labyrinth behind the cathedral before taking the hour train back to Paris.

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