Thursday, August 20

Mass on Sunday

We went to mass at Le Madeline on Sunday.  Napoleon originally intended it to be a temple to the glory of his soldiers.  Now it is an interesting church filled with the original art and lots of modern art.  It feels a bit odd to be honest.  The plastic bottle sculpture of the church didn't quite fit in with the original artwork.

The church is surrounded by modern art pieces and we loved running around the church and exploring them all.  Jim and I had a lovely moment when Jonah saw a large purple statue and said "That looks like 'Standing Woman'" (which is a piece by Giacometti we saw at the Pompidou)  Aside from the fact that this one was enormous and purple and Giacometti's is small and metal, they do resemble each other and it was so fun to see him making connections between art pieces.  

We also walked by the Opera.  This is the opera that was used in writing 'Phantom of the Opera.' 

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