Monday, August 17

Chartres Cathedral

Hands down - the cathedral at Chartres is my favorite cathedral of all time.  It was breathtaking!  It didn't hurt that we were there over the feast of Mary and the mass was going on with the choir and organ - oh the music was divine!

We walked in and Jonah and I were whispering about the stained glass on one side of the cathedral, when all of a sudden I looked to my right and there were the priests processing to the back of the church to begin the processional into mass.  The incense was right there and the huge golden Bible and the cross.  The music floated around us and the scent surrounded us.  Jonah and I were both mesmerized and stood aside and watched the procession continue.  We talked about the gold Bible with the precious words of God and Jonah noted the cross (which our church has process each week as well) which reminds us that God is with us in this place.  I felt myself tear up.  How blessed I felt to be in this place where hundreds of years ago (the first spire was completed in 1140) until today the people of God have gathered and collectively been awe filled in this awe-inspiring place!

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