Wednesday, August 12

Au Nain Bleu

We visited the oldest toy store in Paris a couple days ago.  If I remember correctly it was established in 1839.  Au Nain Bleu was beautiful and fun to be in, though remarkably un-child-friendly for a toy shop.  We had fully intended on letting Jonah pick a toy, but after seeing that the toys were three times the price you would find anywhere else we bought him a little Dover sticker book for 3 euros (this would cost 1$ in the states) and he was delighted!  "Oh thank you mommy!  And my very own shopping bag!"  

The costumes were amazing and I intend to sketch what I remember of a couple of them and recreate them this fall as Jonah is loving dress up and doesn't have many costumes.

After the toy store we wandered down Champs - Elysees.

Another good day in Paris.

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