Saturday, August 8


When we lived in Vancouver my favorite place to visit in the city was Chinatown.  Paris' Chinatown isn't nearly as big, but it still held allure and so we took the metro 14 stops down to Chinatown this morning.
I love going in markets and seeing shelves of fruits, spices, dried funguses and other food that I have no idea how one would use.
We found nori, wasabi, sushi rollers, and edamame - all things we grew to love in Seattle and Vancouver and haven't been able to find (at least not affordably) in St. Andrews.  I realized that I miss living in a city.  I'm not saying that my dream home would be in a city, but over the past four years (before St. Andrews) I got used to having all kinds of food and other things available, which is a real perk of city life.

For lunch Jonah choose frog legs for he and Daddy to eat.  Jonah didn't end up eating any (because he was overtired and wasn't eating anything), but Jim and I enjoyed trying them.  They taste like chicken - they really do!

And of course, in every Paris neighbor hood is another wonderful park.  Jonah is loving going to a park a day (two today!)