Thursday, August 13

Le Sacre Coeur

We asked Jonah what his favorite things have been in Paris so far and he said "The Toy Store" and then he hesitated and said "oh, and the churches!"  He said it with such awe; I wanted to celebrate.  I've read so much on children's spirituality (first as a scholar, then as a pastor and now as a mother) that I know how formative these experiences are in these early years.  I would rather him have a moment of awe at God and where the people of God worship over all the Bible trivia knowledge or sunday school song singing in the world.  

We visited Le Sacre Coeur yesterday.  Jonah walked inside and instantly quieted.  He walked over to a side chapel, picked up a candle, put out his hand for his offering, handed me the candle to light and then we said a prayer.  We then looked at the art work and he told us the stories and who the figures were.  We were in awe of the mosaics (one of my favorite kinds of art to find in a cathedral).  They were massive and beautiful - so much gold and so intricate for such a imprecise medium.  As we left, Jonah wanted to touch the holy water as so many others were.  He touched the water and then he immediately made the sign of the cross - which he has learned over the course of the summer and was seeing others do after they touched the holy water.  

My heart is full as I watch him partake in being one of the people of God.

The view of Paris from Le Sacre Coeur.

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Sarah said...

How this post warms the heart of a godmother! :) I am so glad to hear about it, and I'm thankful that Jonah has such open-to-God parents. enjoy the time there!