Wednesday, June 24


We stopped in Bologna for a night on our way from Lana to Rome. We really enjoyed exploring the small town and had the best gelati of the trip there.

No, this isn't the leaning tower of Pisa, but it certainly is leaning! We had hoped at one point to make it to Pisa, but this will have to be our leaning tower of the trip as the days in Italy are coming to a close and we won't be able to fit another day trip in.

Bologna is filled with Archades, so you have to duck into the street to see the beautiful city.

The arcades themselves are filled with graffiti, as are other walls and the trains. We have been amazed by the amount of graffiti throughout southern Italy. (note: I don't know Italian, so if there are offensive words on the wall above I apologize. I can't read them if there are)

We spent a an hour one morning in this church. It was beautiful inside and one of my favorites of the trip. Jonah learned how to pray at kneelers and we had to pray at each chapel on the kneelers, as well as, lighting a candle and praying for Maren. I love that visiting these beautiful churches and am delighted that Jonah is learning about God in a playful and explorative way in the midst of history and beauty.

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