Wednesday, June 24

Up the mountain from Lana

One of Jonah's favorite things in Lana was watching the cable car that went up the mountain from our balcony. He asked every day if we could ride it - so we did. It was longer than the one in Lauterbrunnen and beautiful.

If anyone ever sees a toy cable car (especially one that works) let us know. I keep thinking it would be so fun to set up on stairs and play with - we may make one from scratch.

This was a view from the cable car. The house on the far left is where we were staying.

We couldn't go the whole way up the mountain as the last bit was a chair lift that Jonah couldn't go on, but we were up pretty high. The mountains farthest off are the Dolomites.

We took a hike and made a fairy house. We hadn't done this with Jonah yet and he loved it.

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