Wednesday, May 6

Some sewing

This is the first thing I've made out of Amy Butlers book for babies.  It turned out well.  It is a gift for a friend who has a month old baby (I meant to have it done a while ago, but luckily I cut out the 3-6 month size).  I used pre-made bias tape instead of making my own, partly because it was easier, but mostly because I wanted to draw out the red in the print and don't have any red fabric (oh, how I am restraining myself from ranting on the lack of accessible fabric stores here.)  

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  The fabric is great and came from Laura and Brian for Christmas.

So after finishing that project yesterday I had a little drawstring bag maddness.  

First, I made Jonah a little bag for the cards that punch out of his National Geographic Little kids.  We are loving this magazine that Jim's Grammy sends Jonah (especially the rhyming and counting pages).  But with another six cards in this issue and six others that were scattered throughout the living room I decided that it was time for a place to put them.

Then I made bags for Maren and Elijah.  Jim and I made these lacing cards for the kids for Christmas, but I never got around to making the bags I wanted to put them in.  The cards are just poster-board with modge podge, tissue paper and construction paper.

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