Wednesday, May 6

Ordinary - Extraordinary

Have you ever thought about the word extraordinary?  Extra ordinary?  What can be more ordinary than greenery cut from the back yard, but what could be more extraordinary than a heap of green lushness on pretty clothes in the middle of my living space which is hung with drying laundry and strewn with toys?

I keep pondering this idea of living as an artist and as a christian - making special with the everyday.   It is central to the Christian faith - the Oblation of the most ordinary elements (bread and wine) into extraordinary sacraments.  It is taking the most 'ordinary' stuff of life and making it sacred and extraordinary.  Is this what it means to be fully human - fully creative?

And speaking of the extraordinary coming from ordinary...
Sometimes I laugh to myself over how often Jonah seems uninterested in sitting to do art.  Yes, he'll color for a few minutes if I get out the stuff or he'll do a painting or play with clay, but he is much more interested in tracing mazes, building train track or doing his workbooks for hours on end.

But today I found this on the arm of the sofa next to the nature table.  Ah, Andy Goldsworthy in the making!  

(note: I wrote the post a couple nights ago and this morning Jonah asked to paint, draw, stamp, watercolor and play with playdough in turn... his morning was art.  Perhaps the artist is awakening?)

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