Wednesday, May 6

Adventure Outing

A few friends, who are also interested in home education have begun an outing a week.  We are hoping this will lead to a couple days come fall (as a public nursery alternative) - one un-schooling (ish) adventure day and one montessori (ish), skill development day.  

Jannah led the first adventure day and the four two and three year olds had a great time finding leaves and identifying them.  
As well as identifying scottish plants and trees the kids found a caterpillar on a leaf and could see where he had eaten.  They also found an inchworm when they were making identification sheets and watching him was loads of entertainment.
Theo found some stairs that led to 'Mr. McGregor's Garden'.  And, of course, all the kids had to go check out the garden and see if they could see Peter or Benjamin Bunny.  Hooray for kids who know, love and live-out great literature!
And since we were on the Lade-braes path - we had to finish at the park.  When we arrived Jonah jetted to the huge 'space shuttle slide' and was up the ladder and down before I could get there.  I had no idea he could make it up that huge ladder! 

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