Monday, May 18

News and What does Daddy Do all day?

News first - Jim just found out he's been accepted to a funded french immersion program for the month of August in Paris.  Dare we add to our summer traveling maddness and head to Paris for a month?  I think we will dare but we aren't certain... more on this to come.

Jonah and I were reading busy town last evening and the book poses the question... "What does your mommy do all day"  Jonah says 'she does laundry and takes care of me' - not glamourous, but probably pretty accurate.  "What does your daddy do all day?"  Goes to school and plays golf.  I had to laugh - especially because last week he skipped going to the office on Thursday because his 9 holes with friends at 6am, before work, turned into 36 holes as the day got nicer and nicer.

Right now I'm watching Jim try to teach Jonah how to do a proper golf swing - precious.

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