Sunday, May 17

All things in their own time...

I never cease to be amazed at how different children are from one another in their development.  How is it that Jonah can excel at some things, and completely not get others?  I'm forever reminding myself that 'it will all come together' and it certainly is an interesting process.

After three weeks of potty training or, more accurately, changing wet pants and underwear, we've given up for now.  Jonah can do it physically but is highly resistant to being interrupted and refuses to tell us when he has to go and when he has gone.  I was sick of fighting battles when taking him to the potty (mostly when he was already wet) and sick of changing wet clothing.  He still wants to wear underwear though, "I can't be a baby forever mum!"  "You can wear underwear when you start telling mum and dad when you have to go potty. Diapers are fine for now - you're not a baby."

And he certainly isn't a baby - Jonah blew me away this morning.  He started by crawling into my lap after breakfast.  I was making our packing list and Jonah asked to borrow my pen so he could help make the list.  "Sure" I said distractedly as I began discussing some packing decision with Jim.  "I'm going to make an 'N'."  "Great" - still talking to Jim.  Then I looked down at a 'N'.  "Can you draw other letters? - how about A?"  He drew an 'A'.  "J?"  He drew a 'J'.  "H?" "O?" 
"How do you spell 'Daddy' mum?" He wrote it. (it's in the circle - apparently D is a bit tricky)
  "How do you spell 'mum'?  

And with no help he wrote the words.

I'm chalking this up to the hours we've spent doing easy maze and dot-to-dot books.  He's made circles and called them 'o's before, but we've never really worked on writing - he apparently just figured it out.

Then he was off to do another workbook.

After that, we went to leave for church, only to find that our stroller had a flat tire.  So Jonah walked/ran over a mile into town on his own - never complaining.

In church his lesson was on the Lord's prayer - when he came into the service and we were saying the Lord's prayer he chimed right in adding his voice to the community voice.

He's growing up so fast!  It makes me grateful for the little one growing inside of me.  I'm so glad for Jonah's independence and growth, but I'm grateful that while I'm saying goodbye to his babyhood, I'm not saying good by to babyhood in general.

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