Tuesday, May 19

Flat Stanley Book

Jonah received a book in the mail two days ago.  It is three flat stanley books in one volume.  I had never read these simple chapter books before, but had helped with a couple of my cousin's Flat Stanley Adventures when they sent their Flat Stanley to me when I was at Wheaton.  I had a lot of fun with it - making the paper doll outfits, collecting state tree leaves, taking pictures of various things and then sending Stanley 'home' again with his mementos.   

Honestly, I'm not overly impressed with the books (the book we have has the books "Flat Stanley", "Flat Stanley goes to Space", and "Flat Again")  I was disappointed that there is really only one chapter in the original book about him getting in an envelope and going on a trip.  I thought that this would be a more central theme as it is such a popular project for elementary schools.  That said, Jonah has loved the stories and we have read the whole book through - plus some.
My nephew Elijah sent Jonah a flat stanley a couple weeks ago and we are going to take him traveling this summer.  It should be fun.  I've started a blog for Flat Stanley and Jonah's Adventures and will let you know when I post something up very soon.  Stanley will then be mailed back home with mementos to Maren and Elijah at the end of the summer.

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