Monday, May 4

Medieval fair at the castle

After our monthly trip to the farmer's market (very possibly my favorite outing of each month - oh the yummy butter, meat, veggies, smokies, eggs... and all local!), we headed to the castle for a medieval fair.  Jonah ran into our friend Vince and they had a nice look at the north sea out of the castle windows while the actors were getting ready for the 'battle'.

Jonah laughed a lot during the fighting - I'm not sure what to make of that.  I was imagining a civilized dual - not an all out battle.  

Jonah was very concerned about 'Cedric' the dummy they used for spear throwing practice.  He was just two pieces of wood with a mail shirt on, but when he was speared and knocked over Jonah looked quite upset.  

When they were demonstrating what a helmet did, one man hit the other on his head with his sword (to show that it would glance off without hurting him).  Jonah looked at me and said "That man is not very nice!" quite loudly - there were smiles all around us.

They did also have some musicians and a few other booths.  

We left when it started to rain and got ice cream.  There is only so much battle I can take - especailly with my two-year-old by my side.

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