Monday, May 4

A little movie...

The last week or two Jonah has been asking to watch a video almost every day.  We try to keep him to one video a week at max, so I've been telling him 'no' over and over.

So when I ask him Saturday if he wanted to watch a movie - he was elated - as you will see below.  He watched Chrysanthemum (based on the book by Kevin Henkes).

I love this boy - especially his cute toes!

A Jonah Quote:

 "Mum, does 'movie' rhyme with 'smoothie'?"  

"Almost, but not quite, but movie would rhyme with smovie or smoothie would rhyme with moothie"

"Daddy - Movie doesn't rhyme with smoothie, but it does rhyme with smovie... but I don't think that's a word"

Jonah is really into rhyming lately he often goes around the house singing/saying lists of rhyming words and asking "Mum, what rhymes with..."

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