Sunday, May 3

I'm Santa Claus

Just before Easter one of Jonah's friends was talking about bubble bath and Jonah asked me what that was - "is it shampoo?"  So I tucked a bottle of bubble bath into his Easter basket.  Needless to say he loves it and when this bottle runs out I will probably be going to get more or we may have a bath strike on our hands.

We always pull the plug and let the water go down when Jonah is in the tub, because he likes watching the funnel that forms by the drain and it is good way to avoid the "I don't want to get out" dialogue.    The other night when Jim was bathing him Jonah started sticking the bubbles that were left when the water drained away on his face.  He thought he was very funny and proclaimed "I am Santa Claus!"  

When he did the same thing for me the next night I couldn't resist a picture.  He is so pleased with himself.

This so reminds me of pictures of my siblings in the tub with similar beards on their faces.  I wish I had digital images of that to share for the sake of comparison :o)

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