Sunday, May 3

7:15pm - on the way to knitting night

Last week was a week of thought and emotion; a week of pondering what really matters.  We found out last Saturday night that my 2 year-old niece Maren has Leukemia.  The prognosis is very hopeful, but thinking of my precious princess Maren going though years of chemo therapy is devastating.   I have never felt so far away from home before.  And I feel a great need to do something... but there is very little I can do.  I am left with prayer.  Which certainly isn't a bad thing to be left with... but a hard thing for me to be content with when I want to physically be present and make a difference.

I was walking to knitting night Thursday, thinking on this (as I so often am) and was struck with how light it was and how beautiful with the spring blossoms over the path.  Somehow they gave me hope and I was reminded that a God who could create such splendor was really worth being left in control and that prayer is really the best thing to be left with in the long run.  I am so grateful for life, for my precious niece and nephew, for medical research and care, for sunshine, and for family.

If you want to stay updated on Maren's progress Emily's cousin has set up a blog -

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bravenec said...

a very sweet blog and I feel the same way being in CA! You're right...prayer is the best thing; thanks for the reminder! Beautiful pics too!

On the blog, there is a button on top right of a box underneath is the code for the button. Copy and paste it in your "Add Gadget" box under customize and put it in html option.

Hope that makes sense...if not, let me know!