Friday, April 17

Why? Why? Why? Why!!!

A typical conversation with Jonah the past couple weeks...

"Why do I have to get dressed?"
"Because you'll get cold if you don't."
"Why would I get cold?"
"Because your skin would be exposed to the cool air in the house and outside and your body temperature would lower."
"Why would my temperature lower?"
"Because your skin is warm and the air is cold."
"Why can't I be cold?"
"You could be, but it might be miserable and your body wouldn't like it."
"Why wouldn't my body like it?"
"Because it doesn't like being cold."
"Why doesn't it like being cold?"
... I think you get the picture

These are my days.  I'm trying to be grateful for his inquiring mind - so eager to learn.  

I now know why parents say "Because I said so!"

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Margaret said...

Hi! I know you don't know me, but I found your blog when my husband did a random search for St. Andrews. We are moving there this Sept. and I was glad to read that there is at least one other family there with children. AND, I'm thrilled that you like to sew! I've been trying to decide whether to try and ship my sewing machine or just try to find a used one when we get there. What did you do? I'd love to learn more about you and what life is like there if you have time. My email is and our blog is Hope you have a great day!