Thursday, April 16

too quiet... or perhaps just right for a little sewing

I was in the kitchen cleaning and all of a sudden I realized it was quiet - very quiet - too quiet!
Our little man thinks that he doesn't need naps sometimes lately, but by about 5 in the evening it all we can do to keep him awake.  Or in this case, let him sleep!
Well, if Jonah is sleeping, I thought I might as well sew a bit.
Baby's first piece of mama-made - the Lucy Kimono out of "Weekend Sewing" was very simple and quick.  Laura and Brian sent me a stack of fabric for Christmas and I knew these dots were fun, but had a hard time visualizing what to make with them.  When I saw the kimono it clicked.  The colors are a bit brighter in real life, but the photos give you the idea.

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