Thursday, April 16

GRO is turned in celebration!

At St. Andrews first year PhD students have the GRO (I have no idea what this stands for) in April.  They have to turn in an extensive outline, a chapter and a bibliography for their dissertation.  The student's advisor and another professor read what they have turned in and if they approve the student is given full PhD status.  

The fact Jim just turned this in feels like a family accomplishment - we got there!  
So we celebrated... 
We took the bus from St. Andrews to Anstruthers today for some celebratory fish and chips (okay, so I had grilled hadock and salad - fried foods make me sick).
Jim loves it that Jonah naturally holds his pencil like an artist.  He's still using his left and right hands equally, but he did switch to the left a couple times today after picking the pencil up on his right.
The last time we came for fish and chips Granddad bought Jonah an ice cream.  He didn't forget that and thought a vanilla cone would finish off the fish and chips lunch well.  I'm trying not to think about the nutritional value of his lunch!
We've never gone over to the beach in Anstruthers, but on the way there Jonah decided that is what we were going to do after we had fish and chips.  (I have no idea how he thought of this - I had to ask Jim if there even was a beach you could walk on in Anstruthers.)

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