Monday, April 20

Weekend Happenings

It seemed like a busy weekend.  

Saturday I took the bus to Crail where I took a day course on pediatric first aid.  I now have a card and very official certificate saying I am trained to give first aid to children.  It was a great review of some things I knew and they went over a lot of really practical things like burns and cuts as well as the poison, choking and CPR that I expected.  Mostly I took it because it is nice as a Mom to feel confident that I know the appropriate way to respond in a crisis, but I did also think that having a certification in pediatric First Aid will be a great thing on a resume should I return to Christian Education as a career at some point.  

Sunday we had church in the morning.  The preschool class that I started this fall is going really well and I'm really enjoying using some godly play with the kids.  I'm hopeful that a friend and I will be able to get an official godly play set up going in the fall.

We had lunch outside after church.  Salami sandwiches have become a favorite food for us.  It has to be high quality, deli cut salami (preferably from the Italian shop in town) with fresh mozzarella, basil plucked from my basil plant and yummy tomatoes (that are roasted and soaked in olive oil and spices - I think).  Yum!
I found copies of the "When We Were Young" by A.A. Milne (Pooh stories) and the first couple Paddingtion books at a charity shop last week.  I am delighted that Jonah loves listening to them and will sit through several chapters.  We have some illustrated Pooh stories by Milne and some picture books about Paddington so it was great to introduce these chapter books.  Jim and Jonah are reading through "When We Were Young" and I've started "A Bear Called Paddington" with Jonah (though Jim's been listening too).  
Another book we've been loving is "Pretend Soup" a children's cookbook by Molly Katzan (author of the Moosewood Cookbook - my favorite cookbook - such yummy vegetarian).  It has such great pictorial recipes that Jonah can tell me all the steps.  Jonah made french toast and bagel faces out of it this weekend.  He did really well on his bagel face and even ate all the vegetables.  

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