Tuesday, January 6

Three Kings Day Party

Unfortunately Jonah and his friends kept me so busy at his three kings party that I wasn't able to get many pictures.  I did manage to get Jonah in his kingly crown and cape.
We played a game where the 'kings' all followed the star I had on a stick around the house looking for baby Jesus.  Jonah played his own rendition of this game around the house until we had to take the stick from him when the game became wild enough I began fearing for our dishes and Christmas tree's safety. 

 I wanted to make a cake in a loaf pan and decorate it like a treasure chest... that didn't happen.  But we did have carrot muffins with gold coins on top, and raisins and oranges in silver and gold papers.

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Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben said...

This is a lovely party planner and I'll be Jonah had a great time!