Monday, January 12

The buzz at Sophia's Birthday party

Jonah's friend Sophia had a bug themed birthday party.  The setting for our little bumblebees, ladybirds, and other flying friends was an indoor play gym - which Jonah thought was the coolest place ever.  

The night before the party I hand sewed strips of yellow fleece around a black shirt and sweatpants (the ones that grandma sent for a pilgrim costume).  I added some tulle for wings and Jonah was a very excited bumble bee.  I was planning on taking the stripes off, but it is so cute and he loves it so I may leave them on and see if they survive a wash.

The kids loved the bug themed books and antenna head bands.   
Caleb, Jonah, Abigail and Sophia

Jonah loved the slide, but it was really fast.  I went down with him once and then had someone tell me adults can't go down - whoops!  Luckily Caleb who is five didn't mind a scared, yet eager Jonah going down behind him.
Happy 3rd Birthday Sophia!

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